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We challenge ourselves to seek new opportunities, create more jobs and provide more services to those in need.
Right now, the property in Richmond Hill, Queens, is an industrial facility. With your help, we’re transforming it into a place to call home.
Home. Made. In the heart of New York.
We work tirelessly to create aspirational careers for people who are visually impaired.
Alphapointe Closes On Purchase of Future Home in Queens
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We manufacture the highest quality products in our state of the art ISO:9001 certified facilities.
Products and Services
We are there to support you at the onset of vision loss and throughout the journey.
Vision Services
We offer rehabilitation and education services that help you continue to live independently and with dignity.
Rehabilitation Services

Empowering people with vision loss to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Upcoming Events:

Photograph of a group of Alphapointe graduates
Vision for Life
We see a world where everyone with vision loss rises to their full potential. Through our foundation, manufacturing, retail and professional services, Alphapointe provides employment and services for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Our History
What began over a century ago in a woman’s living room is now one of the region’s largest resource for people who are blind. Today, Alphapointe is one of the largest employers of people with visual disabilities in the United States with over 400 employees. 

Historical photograph of male employees in the old broom shop
Our History
With over 400 employees, we are the third largest employers of people who are blind in the United States. Our main operations are located in Kansas City, Missouri and Brooklyn, New York.

Latest Alphapointe News

Employee of the Year – David Brown

(Originally published in the Bronx Times Reporter on July 13, 2018 by Patrick Rocchio.) David Brown, a Kingsbridge resident who happens to be blind, is celebrating a decade employment anniversary working in the assembly department of Alphapointe. Alphapointe, previously known as New York City Industries for the Blind, is a non profit agency that employs him
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Lives of Service

(Originally published on pages 6-7 of the Summer 2018 issue of Opportunity magazine published by NIB by Sharon Horrigan. To read whole magazine click here) …”Alphapointe, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, offers customer support services for the VA in California, Missouri, and New York. In addition, the agency has been making medicine bottles for the
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Alphapointe Photos

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Photograph of young girl at Adventure Camp competing in the ropes course

Vision Services

We help people with vision loss maintain their independence.

Photograph of Alphapointe employee inspecting brooms

Our Foundation

We empower people with vision loss to live, work and be independent.

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Products and Services

We manufacture an array of high quality. state-of-the-art products.

Our Values

Accountability and Conduct

Excellence and Integrity

Service and Responsibility

Initiative and Teamwork

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